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Unveiling the Unfolded

When humans forget that they are nothing but sentient and self-aware Big Bang Debris, they start complicating their lives, piling up layers of false pretentiousness and they start wanting to become "something". This journey then adds multiple layers of thoughts, emotions, perceptions and Identity all over their existence. Well, this contributes greatly to even their physical weight!

And therefore, we indulge in understanding their mental-spiritual-psychic construct and deprogram all that is self-limiting and self-sabotaging and self-reducing in their subconscious. Once this deprogramming is complete, the soul can truly draw wisdom from that which is the source of everything- The one, true, independent repository of all truth and wisdom - The Self. And what is the Self? The profound Nothing.

Tat Tvam Asi - meaning "You are That" in Sanskrit- is an initiative to raise humanity out of their collective slumber and restore them to their state of being the Creator of the Universe. We teach people to take power back in their own hands, assume full responsibility of their lives and become master architects and construct a better Today and Tomorrow, not just for themselves but also for those around them!

Perceive Your Potential

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"The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

Lao Tzu

Personal Transformation in the era of Digital Transformation

Deepali in interview with Himatalks

Deepali talks about the importance of personal transformation in the era of Digital Transformation in an interview with Him Talks at the ICAI national conference : Profession 2.0

While everyone is talking about digital transformation and adopting modern technologies, the human element still remains the more important one. All transformation even if technology driven is still human-centric


About the Founder


Deepali is a Life Transformation Coach and an ardent spiritual practitioner. In her workshops and sessions, she tries to demystify life by helping people understand the interconnectedness of everything by a unified force in a unique methodology which combines science and spirituality. Her work is focussed around people who wish to make more of their lives and her spirit carries the mission of bringing the light of spiritual awakening to as many as she meets. She has worked with several individuals and groups of people helping them around understanding the true meaning of life, relationship healing, stress management and in making the most of their lives. She has helped multiple corporates  to upscale the performance of the individuals, help them ideate, improve work metrics and to work progressively towards the company's goals and visions.

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