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Chasing Success?

Success is seen as a life goal for most people on the planet. But what truly is the recipe to success and what does it mean to be truly successful? The answer is not the same for every person and varies from individual to individual.

When you talk to a small child and you ask him/her, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" This is how he/she might respond: with glittery eyes and a big smile, he/she will announce his/her desire to be an astronaut, a doctor, an engineer, a painter, etc. Ask the same question to a young adult and you may get a similar answer but with a shorter smile.

Now when these people grow up into becoming a successful doctor, a reputed working professional or an established businessperson and if you ask them about their goals and ambitions – they usually talk to you with a straight face and dole out their plans of expansion, more clients, promotions etc. The joy somehow goes missing even though they are more successful now than before.

What are we chasing all throughout are lives and why is it that more often than not when we achieve this – why is it that it doesn’t give us fulfillment or happiness?

If you studied successful people who are “successful” basis commonly accepted societal standards, you’ll find most of them are unfulfilled, depressed, frustrated and always striving for more. How then can one truly be successful and fulfilled at the same time?

The secret behind this lies in identifying your purpose and the root of your fountain of joy. What makes you sing and burst into a thousand different lights? Can you make your life walk a path to have more and more of this experience? If you can – then you’re truly successful.

Success, specially fulfilling success, has a recipe – a smooth concoction of alignment with your purpose, being in sync with the positive frequencies of health and wealth, a spirit to make yourself useful to the world and an unflinching belief in your own capabilities in making things happen.

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